Do you shoot on location? 

I have shot on location a fair amount of times, but it's usually in London. I'm not so familiar with locations elsewhere (I know, I don't get out much). Please note that I have a bad reaction to bug bites and especially stinging nettles!

Do you sign model release forms?

Happy to sign one if I can read it in advance.

Can you do your own hair and make up?

I'm currently learning to do my hair and make up to a professional standard, mainly pin up styles.

Do you have any I.D?

I have a valid passport which I bring to every shoot as a proof of age. Please note that due to family issues, I cannot travel as frequently as I'd like to.

Do you have pubic hair?

I do now (see photo).

Can I text you? Do you have whatsapp?

Please don't text me unless we're confirming or you're giving me details to a shoot (address and time). My current mobile is ancient and I'm not your average person who's stuck to their phones. I'm usually late to reply and I'm terrible at texting. I prefer emails, please.

Can we shoot at your house?

I still live with my Mum, meaning I cannot under any circumstances shoot at home.

Do you smoke/will you smoke for a shot?

I will smoke for a shot, however I can't guarantee I'll have cigarettes on me.

Why "thezexdiaries"?

The Zex Diaries was taken from my Tumblr blog which I started in February 2011. It's a mix between my on and off camera life.

Why don't you want to work with me?

I reserve the right to turn down projects without reason.

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